Driving Growth and Transformation in Africa: The Omniverse Launches in Nigeria

Nigeria’s tech and innovation scene is set to reach new heights with the official launch of The Omniverse, as the premier ecosystem platform for tech, innovation, and connected industries in Africa. The Omniverse is poised to create a vibrant community that will shape Africa’s connected future by fostering collaboration and driving growth across Nigeria and the entire continent. It is co-founded by Innovation Support Network (ISN Hubs) with support from GIZ/Digital Transformation Center Nigeria (GIZ/DTC Nigeria).

“We are incredibly excited to launch The Omniverse and provide a platform where connected industries and cross stakeholders can collaborate, learn, and thrive together,” said Obi Asika, Convener of The Omniverse. “Our Annual Summit and Expo will be a landmark event, bringing together the best minds and talents to explore the vast potential of technology and its impact on society. We look forward to creating meaningful connections, sparking innovation, and honouring the visionaries who are shaping Africa’s connected future.”

“Through the power of cross-sector collaboration, connecting minds and industries, the Omniverse unites a diverse range of stakeholders, in driving transformative growth for Africa. As co-founders of this thriving ecosystem, Innovation Support Network (ISN) is proud to lead the way towards a brighter future.” said Charles Emembolu, Director, ISN “Together, we will shape a vibrant ecosystem that propels us towards a prosperous, more inclusive future.”

Breaking Barriers and Fostering Collaboration

The Omniverse serves as a hub for diverse stakeholders, including development partners, public sector entities, regulatory agencies, academia, startups, finance and investment professionals, media, entertainment, arts, culture, and the creative industries. By connecting these stakeholders, The Omniverse breaks down silos, bridges gaps, and encourages cross-industry collaboration. This collaborative approach is essential in driving innovation, propelling economic growth, and solving pressing challenges that hinder Africa’s progress.

Annual Omniverse Summit and Expo: A Nexus of Innovation

One of the key initiatives of The Omniverse is its flagship event, the Annual Omniverse Summit and Expo. Taking place from November 12-16, 2023, in Lagos, the event will bring together global, continental, and local thought leaders, innovators, and influencers in the tech and innovation industries. Participants can look forward to an immersive experience featuring exhibitions, expert masterclasses, a gaming league, and entertainment programming. 

The summit will facilitate profound conversations, thought-provoking panels, and insightful fireside chats, all centered around the transformative power of technology. It serves as a platform for visionaries to showcase ground-breaking ideas, exchange knowledge, and explore innovative solutions that address Africa’s most pressing challenges. Furthermore, the summit’s Honours Gala will recognize and celebrate exceptional individuals and organizations who are driving positive change within the tech and innovation ecosystem.

Empowering Africa and Driving Change

The launch of The Omniverse brings significant benefits to Nigeria and Africa as a whole. By fostering collaboration and connections among stakeholders, the platform aims to unlock the potential of Africa’s tech and innovation sector. Through cross-sector partnerships and knowledge sharing, the platform will help address challenges, stimulate economic growth, and contribute to a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Members of The Omniverse gain access to a vibrant network of like-minded individuals, valuable resources, and exciting opportunities for collaboration and learning. Entrepreneurs, investors, and students passionate about driving the tech and innovation ecosystem forward are encouraged to join this transformative journey. By becoming a member, individuals and organizations can leverage the platform to scale investments, share knowledge, and make a lasting impact on Africa’s interconnected future.

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