New Year’s Resolutions 2014

BasketmouthNew Year’s Resolutions 2014: Basketmouth, Ade Bantu, Obi Asika, Bovi , Babaeko share

 As we close the chapter on 2013 and open a new page for 2014, sober reflections and New Year’s resolutions occupy the front burner of dinner discourse.  Despite the fact that some people are circumspect about New Year’s resolutions, it still provides another opportunity to do the right things and get things right.  At SUI our New Year’s resolution is to publish more in-depth, incisive and interesting interviews in 2014.  In the meantime, we asked some of our subjects about their New Year’s resolutions and expectations for 2014. Enjoy and we wish you a prosperous new year.

New Year’s Resolution

“I’m not into resolutions for New Year; mine is daily, sometimes weekly. I don’t see why I should wait until the 31st of December to set myself on a new edge. Every day I push to be a better person, improve on everything about me, do everything within my power to make tomorrow better than today, and that’s just 10% of my daily resolution.”


“I’ve got great expectations, this year ended on the high and I intend to maintain the same level of energy, things have changed for the better, the art I’m into seemed to have evolved tremendously and with the speed in which it’s on. Next year will only come with a better package. The expansion in the comedy industry and the support we are getting from our followers and the lovers of our business have been overwhelming so I expect nothing less than the best from 2014.”

Wish for Nigeria/ Africa

“I wish Nigeria and Africa the best that life has to offer. I pray that peace, unity, love, selflessness become a strong part of us, I wish everyone great health, happiness, wisdom and every good thing in life.”


New Year’s Resolution

“My personal New Year resolution is to continue to push forward for the advancement of Nigerian soft power and our creative industries which I know are already engaging the world, but with some process and structure they can provide employment for millions of young Nigerians.”


“I know we are living in interesting times politically and I pray that our political leaders can elevate the conversation, and actually try to offer the people some engagement based on principles and policy and not tribe and personality. I believe that it is up to Nigeria to move beyond these petty issues, which our leaders have used to divide at their convenience, and focus on the common good and wealth. I pray for a more secure environment for all Nigerians. One has to commend the federal government at the macro level, but we need more to stimulate the micro level and give more hope and opportunity to our people.”

Wish for Nigeria

“It is time for Nigeria to move beyond petty tribal or regional politics. I pray for peace prosperity and security for my people and for leaders who will represent the people and not themselves.”

“ Lyor Cohen, the former Chairman of Warner Music Group and Def Jam Records – who is one of the most influential global figures over the last 25 years in music and entertainment – speaks the truth right here: “ Nigerian creativity especially music will do more for its influence in the region and the rest of the world than its oil. It’s imperative for Nigeria to support the beat for it will be heard around the world”

 New Year’s Resolution

“Read more, sleep more, get rid of my generator and move on to solar energy.”


“I expect nothing at all from dictators posing as leaders. From the look of things next year’s national conference promises to be the biggest circus and joke in the history of Nigeria.”


New Year’s Resolution

“I’ve not had a New Year resolution in years. Each year I simply focus on being a better me.”


“Personally I hope to be able to consolidate on some of the traction we made on the business front.”

Wish for Nigeria

“I wish for Nigeria the peace that passes all understanding. In 2014, we’ll witness what I call the twin mega events: 100 years of amalgamation and the pre- election activities. God help and protect us all.”


New Year’s Resolution

“My New Year resolution is to set no New Year resolutions because I tend to break them, or not to uphold them.”


“Positive as usual. I can’t really expect less. More of everything good.”

Wish for Nigeria/Africa

“Faster growth. Better understanding amongst and within nations”


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