Madagascar plans Cable Transport to Ease Traffic Jam

Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo, is planning to launch the cable car as a new means of public transport by 2025.

However, the first cable car rode over Antananarivo’s neighbourhoods ferrying President Andriy Rajoelina, city officials and project contractors.

The cable cars, capable of carrying up to 75,000 passengers a day, are designed to reduce congestion in the Malagasy capital, which currently has an estimated population of over 3 million, according to a report by Africa News.

“Remove 75,000 passengers every day, at bus level, remove 2,000 cars at Tana road level, it’s already a lot in terms of carbon savings and especially mobility,” Secretary of State for New Towns and Housing at the country’s presidency, Gérard Andriamanohisoa, was quoted as saying.

The multimillion dollar project will be financed with a loan provided by France, the report added.

The cars will not be put into circulation for the general public until 2025, with the country’s government stating that a subsidized fare is planned for students and pensioners.


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