Simi- I don’t want anybody’s opinion about my relationship

Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye

Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye has certainly proved her mettle in the music industry. In the male -dominated industry, Simi has excelled as a sound engineer and singer. I bet you didn’t know she mixed and mastered most of the songs in Adekunle Gold’s album.  In this exclusive interview with Africa Interviews, Simi explains why she has kept her relationship from the public and other fears her fans probably didn’t know.

Beyond all of the information we have about Simi already, Africa Interviews would like to know something different about you?

My favourite thing to do when I am not singing or working is that I like to read a lot of novels. I have always been a big reader and my current favourite author is Steven King; he writes horror books, one of the reasons I like him is that he doesn’t have bad books, all his books are really dope and I think that’s amazing.

Also, I mix and I master, I am a sound engineer. I mixed and mastered Adekunle Gold’s album except for one song and I am working on my album. There are also some features that people are expecting and I am working on it; I am very excited and I pray that it clicks.

You once said that the daily routine you dislike is taking your bath because it prevents you from multitasking?

Africa Interviews’ correspondent take a selfie with Simi

I didn’t mean it like that; it is not like I don’t like it. I like to do two to three things together but taking my bath is the only thing I can’t multitask while doing and that’s annoying. That’s what I meant.

Where are your ‘to-be-continued’ videos?

I only have one to-be-continued video and that’s ‘Jamb question’. ‘Soldier’ is Falz’s song so I can’t take responsibility for that. Jamb question was supposed to have another part, but you know this thing is logistics sometimes, and things don’t happen exactly the way you want them to. That is what happened with Jamb question but I will make it up to everybody. Watch out for something, although it might not be part two but watch out for something that seems like the part two.

There was a 12-year-old girl that sang your song, ‘Jamb question’ beautifully and you were on the lookout for her, have you found her?

Oh yes, I have found her and we are actually working on something currently. I have been very busy but I met with her already and we are supposed to do something together. I don’t want to say anything yet until it happens. She is amazing and her voice is even nicer in person.

You grew up being a tomboy and you have a soft voice, how was the experience like for you?

Tomboy really doesn’t have anything to do with voice. I grew up with boys; I have three brothers that I grew up with, it is not as though I used to act like a boy, I just liked wearing baggy Jeans and  sneakers so I was just like a tomboy and I used to like riding bicycles; I was more like a rough rider.

Can we say it is the tomboy stint that has influenced your fashion sense?

Simi and Africa interviews’ Abimbola Adegoke during the interview

Yes, I think so because I am still kind of a tomboy. I like to wear sneakers, baggy shirts and Denim so I think that is still part of it. Now I am much less of a tomboy than I used to be but yes, it still plays a part.

Why do you not like to talk about your relationship?

I feel like that is my private life and I like to keep it private because by the time you put it out there, it is like you are inviting opinions and I don’t want anybody’s opinion on my relationship.

You said you like local and fabric designs but you don’t wear them compared to Adekunle Gold, you use them chiefly in your music videos

Sometimes I wear them but Adekunle Gold is like an ‘adire’ brand ambassador (laughs). That I like the designs doesn’t mean I have to wear that all the time but I do wear them sometimes. I wear them on my videos and sometimes when I don’t take pictures.

Is there anything you would love to change about you?

Simi signs an autograph for a big fan, Tobi

Nothing, I think I am where I am now because of the way I am and I don’t want to change anything.

Take a question and answer sincerely

Question: what would you like people to know about you that they don’t know?

Answer: I will like people to know that whatever I do, it is because I love to do it. I am not the kind of person that can be pressured into doing things. You can convince me but you can’t pressure me into doing things. I am simple and I am how I am because that is what I wanted to be.

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